Human perception of the environment—natural and mediated—affects how we understand climate change. My creative research aims to shift perceptions of natural resources and climate systems like wind and weather in order to attune viewers to the agency of the natural world. I am concerned with creating networks and patterns of connection related to climate change awareness and action. I often use the form of the net to explore these physical and abstract relationships between environmental components. How do we see the history embedded in the landscape while remaining present? How does the environment affect us and how do we physically and emotionally respond to environmental changes?

My work typically combines found objects with digital technologies (photography and video) to allow for alternative contexts and scales. As found objects are laden with personal and cultural histories, I use found objects in my work to explore our personal relationship to things that can be difficult to see and understand, in particular, the global scope of climate change. My use of video installation allows for an immersive experience that emphasizes environmental temporality. My work allows space for viewer-participants to recognize unexpected emotions related to the natural world, and to create connections and take action with these emotions.